Moynihan’s Journey

The Zebeqi Nation has finally had it! 1000 years of tyranny by Sunni Muslims and their Western allies have driven Zebeqis to seek vengeance and restore the “old ways.” More than a thriller, Moynihan’s Journey is a modern drama exploring global terrorism, cultural conflict, and the human condition.

When Zara Kedar defies her family, refusing a prearranged marriage for American diplomat Tom Moynihan, she breaks with tradition and disgraces her family. Restoring honor falls to Elshan, the eldest son of the Kedar clan.

But there is more at stake than a family’s name. Elshan is secretly the leader of the Zebeqis, a Shia resistance cult. From the outset, Tom and Elshan are at odds. When Elshan learns that Tom is a spy within his Egyptian military unit, he plans retribution. To complicate matters, a dangerous conflict is launched when the Coptic Pope is murdered, setting off a worldwide religious war between Christians and Muslims.

In the years that follow, both Tom and Elshan commit to a personal jihad that destroys friends, families, and each other.

January 3, 2017 | By Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, for Midwest Book Review

Imagine Romeo and Juliet as star-crossed lovers living not in Europe, but in a Muslim country. Now add a contemporary setting, an international thriller, and two political movements to get a sense of the compelling plot and subplots of Moynihan's Journey: And the Clash of Civilizations.

December  2016, reviewer Ruffina Oserio says:

"Leo Gher has a gift for plot and character and his work bears the stamp of great imagination."

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo...

"I enjoyed the way the conflict is developed, enjoyed the humor, the intense drama, and the stakes. It isn’t easy to write a work with a conflict that reaches international dimensions, but Leo Gher seems to do it so well." 

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