... is semantic artistry. Its friend is evocative distinctiveness. A good poem is rare, and when read aloud, flows gracefully from the tongue. Some older poetic forms require a precise meter, but variation in meter can add interest to verse. Modern forms do not demand flawless regularity, but good poetry is always fluent and musical. If rhyme (or near rhyme) schemes are employed, they must appeal to the listener’s ear. And finally, the subject of a good poem is clear, interesting, and broadly meaningful to the human condition.
    Unfortunately, bad poetry is abundant. Its essence is sugary sentimentality. Though they have a place in the world, Hallmark greeting cards and the doggerel of rap music are good examples of bad poetry. The wellspring of unpleasant poems seems to emanate from garbled love pleas, private heartache, and moral diatribes. Mixed metaphors, jangled rhythms, corny similes, clumsy alliterations, erratic meters, and lifeless images plague such flawed verse. Bad poetry is always boring, though hardly to its maker.
    Good poetry is a voluptuous awakening. Below, are a few poems I have written over the years. My intent is that you not be bored, but stirred. 



Ghost On The Piazza              

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Young Gargoyle

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Maiden Tower

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